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Who have expertise in complex business problems. Our dedicated team of mobile app developers use cutting-edge technologies like iOS, Android, React Native etc to deliver secure, scalable and interactive mobile apps.

· Increased profitability by up to 50%
· Guaranteed Transparency and Integrity
· Strict NDAs and flexible engagement options
· Interactive mobile apps as per enterprise needs
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Hire Burhani’s Mobile App developers through a transparent, quick and easy process!

Technologies Our Mobile App Developers Expertise In

Java Script

Expertise of Our Mobile App Developers Burhani’s full-stack mobile app developers adopt the best industry practices to develop robust business-centric and performance oriented apps. for all mobile app development requirements.

Custom Mobile Apps

Our offshore mobile app developers custom-build advanced and feature-rich applications that are scalable and secure.

API and App Integration

Burhani’s expert mobile app developers skillfully create APIs and integrate them with other mobile apps smoothly and seamlessly.

Real-Time App Developers

Burhani Technologies’ dedicated mobile app development team has years of expertise in developing real-time apps in line with state-of-the art technologies and trends.

UI/UX Designs

Our competent offshore mobile app designers have great expertise in building intuitive and interactive UI/UX for businesses from all industry verticals.

Expert Testing

We employ highly specialized and efficient app developers who build and deliver bug-free and glitch-free apps that can run on all devices and browsers.

Migration and Updation

Our talented offshore mobile app developers can successfully migrate your current apps to newer and robust technologies.

Maintenance and Support

We not only build mobile apps for your business but our constant follow-ups and support services ensure that your software is running smoothly.

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I would highly recommend the services of Burhani Technologies if you are looking to find business efficiency.

The important thing is that the team delivered the project within time.


They had a thorough understanding of the project requirements, excellent communication skills and were quick to learn new technologies.


We Have Worked With Many Global Brands Including

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Experience Mobile App Development Perfection with Burhani Technologies

Why Hire Mobile App Developers from Burhani?

Hiring offshore mobile app developers from Burhani Technologies can bring you the best kind of innovative solutions that you possibly could have envisioned.
Error-Free Coding
Burhani’s offshore mobile app developers create value for your company like never before. Our expert developers have unmatched expertise of almost 5 years to write concise codes without any errors or mistakes.
No Language Barriers
Burhani’s entire mobile app development team has an excellent command over English and communicates very effectively. There are no gaps in team communication.
Agile/DevOps Enabled
Our dedicated team of mobile app developers follow the Agile methodology to ensure that the deliverables are delivered even before or on time!
Choose Mobile App Coders of Your Choice
We, at Burhani Technologies, offer you a variety of mobile app coders to choose from as per the needs and requirements of your business.
Zero Billing Guarantee
Burhani Technologies offers a complete refund to our clients in case they are not satisfied with the project development procedure.
Out of the Box Solutions
Our best-in-class developers are highly professional and skilled in thinking innovative and out-of-the-box solutions for the success of your enterprise.