The natural and cultural diversity of Toledo makes a visit to Southern Belize a unique adventure experience. It is the kaleidoscope of people and their unique heritage which enhances nature’s riches and leaves us with food for thought… At least five distinct ethnic groups have settled in Southern Belize and they all offer you their special brand of cultural and culinary traditions. Follow our Cultural Flavours of Toledo map and experience, explore and taste a touch of this rich cultural landscape.

The Creole of Belize share a common ancestry; they are the offspring of mostly West Africans (imported to work the logging camps and sugar plantations around the eighteenth century) and European immigrants.

Often confused with the country’s indigenous ‘Indians’, thanks to Christopher Columbus turning right, instead of left, East Indians (from the Indian Sub-Continent) make up just three percent of the Belizean population.

The first evidence of the presence of the Garifuna in this part of the world occurred in 1675 when a boat carrying hundreds of African slaves was shipwrecked on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent.


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