Key Reasons Why You Need an Ecommerce App for Your Business

February 1, 2022 reports that the worldwide e-commerce sales through mobile apps increased from $1.36 trillion in 2017 to $3.56 trillion in 2021. With this sharp increase in online sales through ecommerce apps, e-commerce mobile apps have become a significant part of every business’ online presence.

E-commerce applications are being preferred by customers over websites because they provide a personalized experience, convenience and speed. Companies are prioritizing ecommerce app development to expand their reach to a larger audience. Top e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart have developed interactive and customer friendly e-commerce apps to serve their customers anytime and anywhere.

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    In 2022, ecommerce retail purchases are expected to be as high as 22% of the total retail purchases. To set up an ecommerce store for your business is the best decision you can make to ensure your long-term success. Stay ahead of the curve with an ecommerce shop for your business! Let’s look at the benefits of developing a mobile app for your ecommerce business.


    According to Shopify, ecommerce mobile stores open up innovative and new channels for businesses to connect with their loyal customers. mobile ecommerce solutions offer a number of attractive benefits for your business. Let’s have a look at these:

    1. Customer Loyalty

    Gaining the loyalty of customers plays an important role in the success of any business venture. Customers remain loyal to your product and brand if they experience convenience and ease of shopping. With a global pandemic and people increasing the use of their smart phones and tablets, online sales are shooting up.

    In such a scenario, developing a robust ecommerce mobile app for your business ensures customer satisfaction. Without an e-commerce store, your conversion rates are going to fall to an all time low. An ecommerce platform offers your audience a personalized experience whereby they can purchase goods from anywhere at any time just by tapping on their phone screen.

    2. Improved Customer Experience

    In this technological era, people have access to all sorts of devices including PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads and mobiles. However, they ultimately shop through that device which they find the most convenient and handy-a mobile phone. Designing an intuitive ecommerce app that offers unmatched customer experience is the key to your enterprise’s success.

    Retaining your existing customers and expanding your current customer base is a difficult task. Your customers will not turn to your competitors if they get a customer friendly and interactive user experience. You can ensure that your ecommerce store offers seamless services to your loyal customers.

    • A simple yet attractive user interface: Using attention grabbing animations and high-resolution images facilitates user experience.
    • Easy controls: A simple and convenient purchase process attracts more customers.
    • Less loading time: If your app takes a lot of time to load, customers are likely to uninstall your app and choose to buy from your competitors.

    These are some key factors which affect enhance user experience. Truelist statistics indicate that 52% of the users are less likely to engage with a company if they have had a poor mobile app experience with it(40 Fascinating UX Statistics | TrueList 2021). Therefore, improving mobile app UX should be your top priority.

    3. Increasing Trend of Mobile App Shopping

    Statistics indicate that more than half of the smart phone owners use their phones to shop online. Additionally, users spend 90% of their screen time using apps. With this increasing trend of e-shopping, it is important that businesses keep pace with the changing demands of this dynamic market. An ecommerce store for your business will establish a strong online presence of your business worldwide. Establishing such a strong link with your customers will go a long way!

    With the pandemic looming over all of our heads, people are scared to even step out of their homes. They prefer to stay in their comfort zone and order products while sitting in their chairs. These contactless purchases ensure customer safety from the coronavirus. In addition, businesses get a chance to sell their products online, which would have otherwise remained unsold because of lack of physical buyers.

    Mobile app development therefore, has become essential for the survival and growth of all kinds of enterprises and businesses.

    4. Brand Recognition

    Almost all smart phone users today have at least one e-commerce app installed in their phones. These apps are proof that ecommerce platforms build strong connections between the customers and the brand. The personalized experience provided by an app to the customer makes him/her feel valued by the brand.

    There is no other tool or technique that is more powerful in maintaining your brand’s image and expanding its reach than an ecommerce app. Reviewing customer feedback and integrating their suggestions can go a long way. Offering lucrative discounts to regular customers and on bulk purchases helps in satisfying existing clients and attracting potential buyers.

    Developing an ecommerce platform can serve to be your best decision yet. It helps your loyal customers interact and stay connected to your brand. You can give your customers the chance to rate your app’s features and use their suggestions to make them feel as if they are a part of the brand. Paying attention to the demands of the target audience is always the right choice!

    5. Increased Revenues

    Statistics clearly point out that in the year 2020, the revenues from mobile apps hit an all-time high of $581.9 billion. The businesses that are realizing the importance of ecommerce mobile applications in generating revenue are developing state-of-the-art apps for their customers. It is true that designing and deploying an app takes a lot of time and monetary resources. However, after implementation, the apps are quick to generate revenue for your business.

    The increased profits can then be used to expand the business. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a robust and user-friendly app attracts more customers which leads to more orders and finally, more earnings.

    6. Great Marketing Strategy

    An ecommerce mobile app is an intelligent marketing tool because it allows you direct interaction with the customers. If your app has a convenient user interface and is personalized as per the client’s needs, the conversion rates are higher. Let us look at how an ecommerce store can be used as a marketing strategy:

    • Detailed Mobile Analytics: Detailed analytics help businesses to personalize and develop the content on their app with core accuracy to satisfy the target customers. You can easily gather data through apps. Mobile functionality provides information like your audience’s response to a new feature or product. This knowledge can then be used to update the apps as per user’s needs and choices.
    • Push Notifications: Google reports that about 90% of ecommerce mobile app users find push notifications useful. As soon as a push notification pops up on the screen of your users, they are more likely to visit your app. If you are a global company, the push notifications can even be sent to users in multiple languages across the world. They are a cheap and effective way to increase revenues. Via these notifications, you can immediately inform your customers about any new discounts, offers or products that you have introduced.

    Develop an ecommerce store for your business today to generate higher revenues and improve conversion rates!

    7. Contactless Payments

    In this Covid-19 struck world, the virus can get to you even if you touch money that was touched by an affected person. In such a scenario, online contactless payments have become the norm. The need for cash, credit and debit cards has been eliminated due to the contactless payment technology.

    To ensure that your customers choose to pay in advance through online payment modes like net banking, cards or wallets, you can charge an extra fee for those who choose the COD option. This state-of-the-art technology reduces the chances of contracting the infection and provides ease and speed of shopping online.

    8. Integration with Shopify

    Your eCommerce app does everything for your business. In addition to being a one-stop shop for all your products online, it also allows you to share information about your brand on social media platforms. Receiving payments in any online mode, whether it is UPI or wallet are supported by the e-commerce Shopify mobile app.

    Designing an eCommerce mobile app should be the priority of every enterprise and business in this technologically advanced era where 75% of smartphone users have at least one e-commerce app installed on their phones.

    However, you cannot go about designing your app without developing a concrete plan. You need to:

    • Identify target customers
    • Focus on their needs, requirements and choices
    • Develop personalized and optimized content
    • Ensure that your UI and UX are better than your competitors

    An eCommerce store can mark the path of success for your business through increased revenues, better conversion rates, enhanced brand recognition, loyal customers and worldwide reach. A great man once said, “Marketing is not selling. Marketing is building a brand in the mind of the target audience.”

    Developing a state-of-the-art and user-friendly eCommerce store is the first step in the direction of building a brand in the mind of your target clients.

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